bold fundraising for bold founders.

a call to bold founders.

Ensemblate specializes in creating early-stage fundraising campaigns for founders developing disruptive innovation in life sciences and deep-tech. Through our unique fundraising formula, we help you to meet investors more frequently and more confidently, resulting in more successful fundraising. Ultimately, our goal is to foster your early development stages and make a long-term positive impact on people and the planet.

our manifesto: bold fundraising for bold founders.

  • Bold sourcing: We believe in working exclusively with founders developing disruptive innovations with a positive impact on people and planet.
  • Bold vision: We believe that products and pitches should be exceptional, but a founder’s vision backing it must be even better. 
  • Bold outreach: We believe in personalized and handpicked investor outreach over mass emailing, i.e. quality over quantity.
  • Bold leadership: We believe in the leadership of great founders and only support from the background, i.e. we are no intermediaries.
  • Bold execution: We believe that real growth is found in execution, i.e. speaking to investors, and not in making endless marginal changes to your slide deck.

some disruptive founders we worked with.

our partners and collaborators.