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Ensemblate is a digital agency dedicated to connecting individuals and companies in the bio-, health- and life sciences ecosystem. Using our deep-rooted knowledge of the sector and our wide network, we make sure that busy innovators can find the right partners efficiently. Whether you are looking for investors, scientific collaborations or commercial partnerships, we bridge the gap between you and your next partners while you can focus on the science. Looking forward to connecting (with) you!

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our core services.

How can we connect you?

We are specialized in identification of fundraising partners for early stage companies, including non-dilutive funding, pre-seed, seed and Series A investment. Our core sectors are Life Sciences, Biotech and Digital Health, and we are also eager to discuss opportunities within Climatetech, Sustainable Innovation and Industry 4.0.

We use our data and network in the innovation ecosystem to guide innovators towards scientific collaborations. We specialize in CRO/CDMO selection and also have a track-record in establishing partnerships in the context of European grant applications (i.e., Horizon Europe, Eureka Eurostars). 

We partner with service providers ready to support you with your R&D project, regulatory affairs and commercial strategy. Moreover, we support service providers in generating higher quality leads and increasing the efficiency of their business development.

Looking to find your own partners? We provide single or periodic sessions designed to help you achieving your specific goals related to the building, engaging and maintaining of partner- and relationships within the innovation ecosystem. 

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fundraising made easier.

Fundraising is a long and intensive journey, especially in the bio-, health and life sciences which require sector-specific knowledge and investors. To make matters worse, macro-economic circumstances as of 2023 make it harder for early-stage founders to obtain financial resources due to increasingly risk-averse investors.

Are you an ambitious founder with little or no prior fundraising experience? We support founders with our validated strategy and fundraising procedures that will not only help you to raise your first or second financing round, but will also make you a lifelong expert in fundraising and will teach you critical skills to secure funding for later-stage rounds.  

Our work is guided by our three pillars: create, connect, and close.

Collaborating with Ensemblate ensures high-quality support and expertise needed to navigate the challenging fundraising and partnering landscape in the bio-, health-, and life sciences sector. Let us help you achieve your goals and make a positive contribution to society and the planet.

  • Expert review of your business case to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
  • Development of a personalized and cutting-edge pitch deck that showcases your business opportunity.
  • Identification of the right financing opportunities based on your business goals and objectives.
  • Development of cold and warm outreach strategies to pitch your start-up to investors as well as tailored strategies for other financing opportunities such as grants and co-development partnerships.
  • Identification of investment opportunities such as angels and VCs (usually 150-250 leads) that align with your business objectives (company stage, round size, aim of the round etc.)
  • Personalized and highly targeted outreach emails that generate responses from investors.
  • Hands-on management of timelines and the outreach campaign.
  • Support during investor meetings, including pre-meeting briefings and post-meeting debriefs.
  • Support with setting up a best-practice data room with all relevant documentation.
  • Assistance with follow-on Q&As, due diligence and term sheet negotiations.

we find the right partners so you can focus on the science.

our partners.