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The current investment landscape has made financing of disruptive start-ups notoriously difficult. Traditional fundraising advice, instructing you to make a perfect slide deck while finding investors beyond your personal network through lists and databases, will often get you poor results. Nowadays, to successfully execute your early-stage fundraising campaign, you need an exceptionally bold strategy.

our process.

Our fundraising campaigns follow three consecutive steps:

  • Developing a concise teaser pitch deck showcasing the highlights of your venture.
  • Developing a curated list of >200 handpicked investor leads matching your sector and financing needs.
  • Leveraging your personal network for strategic warm introductions to investor leads where possible.
  • Cold emailing campaigns, including personalized messages, targeting investors where you are not able to obtain a warm introduction.
  • Briefing prior to each meeting with new investors secured in the previous stage.
  • Background support with Q&As, data room set-up and term sheet analysis.

our area of expertise.

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We are always happy to hear from disruptive innovators. Whether we will end up working together or not, we are curious to learn what you are building and will gladly share our bold thoughts.